Commuter Rail Train Hits Pedestrian in Natick CCTV Video

Here we are sharing a piece of sad and shocking news with you that One woman was passed away in a train accident. This accident was very dangerous and terrible. people are shocked when they heard this news. If the accident is looking scary to hear that we can guess the situation that how much it was terrible and painful. We have seen many cases come on the web and accident cases increasing day by day and accident cases are very scary. However, this accident was dangerous because a person has died in this accident. Here are several things for telling you about the news. you are on the right page for getting the right information and we will tell you in this article so keep reading.

According to the report, At least one person is dead by an MBTA commuter train from Boston to Worcester in Natick. MNTA Transit Police Richard said the woman was suspected of suicide. This accident happened Monday afternoon 14th March 2022. This accident happened in the 288 East Central St area. Below the article, you will find many things about the news. Here we are telling you authentic information related to the news. Read the complete article for getting more information.

Natick Train Accident Updates

Police Chief James Hick said that the accident happened around 11:33 am, near 228 East Central St. He said the train hit pedestrians about a quarter of a mile from the downtown train station. The Natick Police Department is investigating the S- Bahn track after a woman was hit by a train on 14th March 2022 almost at 11:30 AM iN the 288 East Central road area in Natick. Rescuers initially had called for a medicinal rescue helicopter, however, that was known as off shortly before landing. ” we were about the transfer her when she went into cardiac arrest,” fire chief Michel Lentini said. ” we decide to take her to MetroWest Medical ( Framingham Centre).

Natick and Wellesley police are investigating the S-Bahn track after a woman was hit by a train at 288 East Central Street in Natick around noon Monday. The woman later died there.

The incident resulted in the short-term closure of Worcester’s commuter rail line and important delays later within the day.  A spokeswoman for Keolis commuter services, which operates the MBAT commuter officer said there were still delays in evening commuter Until 5 pm. Sullivan said they will not confirm the identity of the deceased.

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