Camila Cabello Flashed A Bo*b On The One Show Video Goes Viral on Social Media

While celebs facing wardrobe malfunction isn’t new, here’s one that happened with Camila Cabello recently on the live TV show. Well, while Camila suffered the wardrobe malfunction on a tv show, it was all over social media minutes later with fans and netizens giving their reaction to the mishap.

Read ahead to know more about Camila and her wardrobe malfunction.

Camila Cabello experienced an “Oops moment” on The One Show

It was on the popular The One Show that Camila Cabello had joined the guest on the show with host Alan Carr via a video link. As she went on to discuss her new song with Ed Sheeran “ Bam Bam” on the show of Carr, she suffered an “Oops moment”. The moment evidently left all embarrassed.

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Well, her “Oops moment” was nothing but a wardrobe malfunction that left her and everyone on the show a bit embarrassed. Camila on Monday night this week wore a loose t-shirt that left her with a wardrobe malfunction. It was while trying to show a dance move, that her t-shirt slipped and exposed her right chest a lot more to make her embarrassed.

Alan Carr laughed at the Camila Cabello “Oops moment”

While on Monday night, Alan Carr was present with Jermaine Jenas and Alex Jones, Camila Cabello’s Oops moment left Alan Carr in laugh. He was visibly trying hard to control his laugh at the wardrobe malfunction of the Cabello.

While Jermaine looked uncomfortable at the mishap. Both Alex and Alan took the situation lightly. Also, Alan laughed calling Cabello’s malfunction as cyber flashing jokingly. However, Camila Cabello was quick enough to handle the situation elegantly.

Camila Cabello’s reaction on her Oops moment

It was certainly an embarrassing situation for both Camila and The One Show hosts and audience. She was seen handling the mishap elegantly. Cabello was heard saying that her mom is next door and she must be freaked out at her wardrobe malfunction. Laughing at her Oops moment, Camila went on to continue the show virtually.

However, while social media got instantly abuzz with the wardrobe malfunction of The Havana singer, netizens praised her reaction and take on the mishap. Fans supported Cabello while many just laughed at the situation. Certainly, Cabello made her embarrassing situation light with her own reaction and fans literally loved her reaction.

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