Blac Youngsta Net Worth 2020: Girlfriend, Biography, Age, Career, Personal life

Blac Youngsta Real Name/Full Name

The real or full name of Blac Youngsta is Samuel Benson.

Blac Youngsta Nickname

Samuel Benson’s nickname is Blac Youngsta.

Blac Youngsta Gender

Blac Youngsta’s Gender is Male.

Blac Youngsta Age

Blac Youngsta is 30 years old.

Blac Youngsta Birth Date         

Blac Youngsta was born on 8 April 1990.

Blac Youngsta Birth Place     

Black youngsta’s birthplace is Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

Blac Youngsta Nationality    

The famous rapper Blac Youngsta is American by nationality.

Blac Youngsta Height    

Blac Youngsta’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, in other words, 1.75 m.

Blac Youngsta Weight    

Blac Youngsta’s weight is 76 kg.

Blac Youngsta Marital Status

Blac Youngsta’s current relationship is unknown, He has no kids. Blac youngsta was also rumored to be gay which he swiftly denies.

Blac Youngsta Profession

Blac youngsta is an American rapper and songwriter by profession.

Blac Youngsta Wiki

Sammie Marquez Benson was born on 8 April, 1990. He is also known by his stage name Blac Youngsta. He is an American rapper signed to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (also known as CMG), and its aegis, Epic Records. Blac Youngsta became notable because of his two famous mixtapes, “Hip Hopper” in 2017, and “Booty” in 2018. Both songs appear on his debut studio album, 2.23, which peaked at number 42 on the Billboard 200.

Blac Youngsta Net Worth in 2020  

The estimated net worth of Blac Youngsta is $4 million.

Blac Youngsta Career

Blac Youngsta is just a local rapper in his hometown of Memphis. He is also the organizer of the McMillan Street Party. Blac launched his first remix tape, called Fast Brick, in 2012 and began his career in the music industry.

He released the next remix tape in the same year, named Fast Brick 2. However, these remixes did not give him what he expected. But in 2014, his dedication finally paid off, and his single “Heavy” was a success from his third remix and is well known throughout the country.

Blac Youngsta Awards & Achievements

Blac youngsta won the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards. Although he hasn’t won a lot of awards but definately won the hearts of millions of his fans.

What are the highest-selling music albums of Blac Youngsta?

Blac youngsta’s bestselling album is “Church on Sunday”, which remained on top of billboard till 1 week.

Blac Youngsta – Church on Sunday

Church on Sunday is the famous and bestselling album of Blac Youngsta. This album contains 16 songs. The length of this titled song is 3 min 40 sec.

Blac Youngsta Songs

Blac Youngsta’s top songs are:

  • Booty
  • Heavy Camp (feat. Travis Scott)
  • Cut Up
  • Hip Hopper
  • Uh Uh
  • Heavy Camp
  • Cut Up (feat. Tory Lanez) – Remix
  • Ight
  • Like A Pro (feat. DaBaby)
  • Whisper

Blac Youngsta Instagram

Blac youngsta has 4M followers on Instagram. Blac has posted 70 pots on Instagram. Blac Youngsta’s account name is @blacyoungsta.

Blac Youngsta youtube

Blac Youngsta has 639k subscribers on youtube. His youtube channel’s name is Blac Youngsta.

Blac Youngsta – hip-hopper

Hip Hopper is the famous album of Blac Youngsta. the title song of this album hip-hopper has 30,414,495 views on youtube.

Arts and Raps Blac Youngsta

Arts and raps are a famous tv show. Blac Youngsta had a funny conversation in that tv show/program.

Blac Youngsta Biography

Blac youngsta is a famous American rapper and songwriter. He was born on 8 April 1990 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Blac used to organize McMillan street parties in his hometown. He became notable on the national level for his album “Heavy” in 2015. Blac Youngsta belonged to a very poor family. He and his brother used to eat the leftover of his co-workers. Blac had to support his family so that he worked very hard in his early life. Blac Youngsta told in an interview that his biggest mistake was to sell drugs to his aunt. After a lot of struggle, Blac Youngsta is a successful rapper nowadays. Blac has millions of fans all over the world. They are his real inspiration.

Blac Youngsta Religion

Blac Youngsta follows Christianity as his religion.

Blac Youngsta Discography

His discography includes:

  • Fast Bricks 1, 2, 3 respectively.
  • Church on Sunday
  • I swear to God.
  • Fuck Everybody
  • Illuminati
  • Young and Rockless
  • I’m innocent
  • Fuck Everybody 2.

Blac Youngsta Personal Life

Sammie Benson, also known as Blac Youngsta, was born on April 8, 1990, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. His grandmother looked after him in a small house with his brother. He grew up in poverty and had to sleep hungry many times. He couldn’t stand hunger anymore and started running drugs to make money. He also suffered considerable street violence in his youth and was repeatedly shot. Information about Youngsta’s parents and education is unclear. The rapper was once rumored to be gay. However, he denied the rumor.

Blac Youngsta Zodiac Sign

Since He was born on 8th April so zodiac sign of Blac youngsta is Aries.

Blac Youngsta Teeth

Blac Youngsta showed off his bright smiles. Blac Youngsta keeps on rocking his new ‘grilless’ smiles with the regular-sized teeth!

Blac Youngsta Marriage

Blac youngsta is unmarried yet.

Blac Youngsta Wife 

Blac youngsta is unmarried yet.

Blac Youngsta Occupation

Blac youngsta is an American rapper and songwriter.

Blac Youngsta Children

Blac youngsta has no children, And He is unmarried yet.

Blac Youngsta Daughter

Blac youngsta has no daughter.

Blac Youngsta Son

Blac youngsta has no son.

Blac Youngsta which companies for work

Blac youngsta is signed to Collective Music Group and Epic Records.

Blac Youngsta Education

Blac Youngsta was a student of middle school, his education is not known more.

Blac Youngsta Family

Blac Youngsta’s parents are not known, He and his brother grew up in his grandmother’s house.

Blac Youngsta Siblings

Blac youngsta has 2 brothers.

Blac Youngsta Brother

Blac Youngsta has 2 brothers. Their names are not known. Blac youngsta’s younger brother was shot dead in Miami.

Blac Youngsta First Album

Blac youngsta’s first album is Fast Bricks 2.

Blac Youngsta Albums

  • Church on Sunday
  • Fast Bricks 1, 2, 3 respectively.
  • I swear to God.
  • Young and Rockless
  • Fuck Everybody
  • Illuminati
  • I’m innocent
  • Fuck Everybody 2.

Blac Youngsta Old Songs

Blac Youngsta old songs are:

  • Heavy
  • Beat It
  • Wait for It

Blac Youngsta House and Residence

Blac Yougsta lives in a mansion in Los Angeles and is worth $ 3 million. The villa has four floors and also has an elevator (no stairs). It has a modern life with an antique feel. Obviously, the mansion has a swimming pool.

Blac Youngsta Cars

Blac Youngsta owns a Lamborghini which costs him whopping $500,000. Also, Blac Youngsta has a JEEP and BMW.

Blac Youngsta Facts

  • Youngsta has been arrested for withdrawing $ 200,000.
  • Blac grew up in McMillan, South Memphis.
  • It was Yo Gotti who discovered him by signing him to his CMG record.
  • When he grew up, his life was so difficult, forcing him to work for food.
  • Blac Youngsta actually sells drugs and raps in prisons.

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