Benjamin Ledig Coran Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Benjamin is a TikTok user and nowadays he is getting ever-greater attention around the world not because he did an unbeatable performance on social media, but because of his speech on social media. 

Watch Benjamin Ledig Coran’s video

Nevertheless, he gained attention after posting a video in which he was turned away at church in February. From the time when he made waves again with the religious facts, he has been threatened numerous times with death. The rumors of Benjamin Ledig’s death have been spreading rapidly.

However, because of the events that occurred, he was unable to stop him, and he attacked the Muslim Community. A series of provocations against Muslims began when he asked to visit a mosque. A particular man was always trying to kill him when he gave this statement.

Explanation of Benjamin Ledig Coran’s video

The viral video shows Benjamin squirming in a church before he heads for a mosque. Benjamin danced a surah from the Koran. Today, it has become a subject of fervor among religious groups. Many claim he should react in this way. Not only is his video popular on TikTok, but it is also becoming a phenomenon across all social media platforms.

While the world is experiencing the effects of the War, social media users wonder why so many people are reacting against the wall during this difficult time. The solution to the War situation should come from the global community. Within the borders of European countries, there are many students who are refugees. The lives and families of everyday citizens have been sacrificed.

A final provocation has reverberated on social media against another monotheistic religion. A number of bloggers and netizens became outraged after Magali Berdan’s death and called for a speedy solution. Don’t enter the mosque, say many users. He knows this very well, and he does not wish to risk going to the mosque.

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