Beautiful Places of Afghanistan To Visit


Following is the list of most beautiful places in Afghanistan, which are peaceful places to visit.

1. Kunduz

Beautiful Places of Afghanistan

Fundamentally speaking, this is not just an enthusiastic tourist through the northern three-country border transportation center, Tajikistan contacts Uzbekistan to contact Afghanistan. However, it is indeed covered by green farmland and has a practical rural environment that is missing from the large towns on this list. Unfortunately, more contemporary times have experienced the turmoil of the Afghan war, and the situation has once again erupted near Kunduz. There has also been a fierce war between the Taliban, the army and different rebel groups. In other words, I hope to enter the theater. It is one of the Beautiful Places of Afghanistan.

2. Kabul

After the recent fighting in the country began, it was in chaos due to the acquisition of jihadist groups and al-Qaeda, Taliban rebels and other groups. Despite the presence of peacekeeping forces, the rebels still hide in the shadows of the town, occasionally bombed and ambushed. This is a tragic state of the situation where there are so many things in the epicenter. In ancient times, Kabul was the cultural center of Zoroastrianism and Buddhism. Later, there were Hindus and even Alexander the Great. Now you can experience this affluent past at the Kabul Museum – that is if you think it can be accessed securely.

3. Band-e Amir National Park

The wonderful Band-e Amir extended to 2009 as the home of the earliest national park in Afghanistan. It’s also easy to find the reason! It is dotted with at least six independent alpine lakes, situated on the peaks of Hindu Kush, over 3,000 meters high, formed by thousands of years of fascinating geological movements; the entire region is A wonderful tourist attraction in Afghanistan. Hikers appear in spring and summer (temperatures can’t be below 20 degrees Celsius!), making you marvel at the cobalt blue waters of Band-e Panir and Band-e Gholaman.

4. Pamir Mountains

In Central Asia, the Pamir Mountains has become one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its impressive beauty. It is located between the Himalayas and the Tianshan Mountains, Raj, Suleman, India, Kush, Kunlun, and the Karakoram Mountains. It is one of the Beautiful Places of Afghanistan.

5. Faizadab

With the support of the rift and chiseled passages of the huge Hindu Kush Mountains, Faizabad’s lies concealed the enclave of his distant mountains in northern Afghanistan. The area describes the city: giving people a sense of isolation, isolation, and peace. You will find Chi-Gall’s nephew walking on the path, while the eyes are sluggish, and the bearded farmers walk on the market. You will meet local Highlanders whose feet are shattered by the footprints of the huge Wakhan Corridor. You will find a spiced stew house with aromas and a visit to the enchanting Kokcha River Alpine Canyon.

6. Bamiyan

For lovers of cultural and religious history, the story of the Bamiyan people is indeed a sad story. In the past, the area was once the center of Hinduism and Buddhist worship. In the years before the Muslim occupation, craftsmen, monasteries and (especially) engravers flourished. In fact, the two large Buddha statues erected here are considered to be the most outstanding 4th and 5th-century sculptures in Asia. However, in March 2001, the Taliban destroyed these important sculptures, which caused strong protests from the international community and even caused UNESCO to mark its residues to prevent further dismantling.

7. Samangan

The city of Samangan is a berth on the edge of the ancient Silk Road, but the demand for fame is basically not its main attraction. To pay tribute to the singular cave group of Takht i Rostam, they took their route at the moment of the narrow mountain peaks that traversed the adjacent mountains. It is one of the Beautiful Places of Afghanistan. These were thought to have been established in the 4th and 5th centuries and are decorated with stunning lotus leaf Buddhist motifs, all concentrated on the inner mudbrick stupas. They are immersed in the past before an almost forgotten Muslim.

8. Herat

Effortlessly find out why Herat-Afghanistan’s third-largest town has such a Persian flavor: the city is just a stone’s throw from the Iranian border and was once the residence of the Timurid dynasty (this ancestor merged The aura of the elemental era, Persian and Mongolian culture). The great masterpiece of the town is the Friday Mosque. The marvelous structure of the turquoise spires and sparkling tiles is sure to be exciting because it has been around for more than eight centuries! There is also a visit to Herat Citadel and the mausoleum of the respected Sufi poets, making Heart one of the best tourist attractions in Afghanistan.

9. Balkh

Known as the capital of the ancient Twin Peaks Empire, the ancient city of Balkh dates back nearly 4,000 years! In fact, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism first rose here, and it is here, in the crack of the northern peak of Hindu Kush. When the Venice traveler Marco Polo appeared in the 1300s, the city was destroyed (even Genghis Khan himself) and was refurbished several times, but still reminiscent of its sturdy walls. And educational institutions. It is one of the Beautiful Places of Afghanistan. Now, the city is almost no longer a noble epicenter, but in the hustle and bustle of the green mosque, you can see a considerable history.

10. Jalalabad

Like many other towns in other parts, Akbar was founded by Emperor Akbar, where almost the old days can be seen. You can often find the snow-capped peaks of the Safid Mountains on the skyline and assume that the Mughal army recalls the feelings of the 1500s. Close to the township, the citrus and green parks have excellent weather conditions – Jalalabad is world-famous. You can also find the mausoleum of King Amanullah Khan, meet locals for intense cricket matches, or just visit the manicured parks and gardens.

11. Mazar-e Sharif

The cobalt dome of the wonderful Blue Mosque shoulders the heavy load on the horizon of Mazar-e Sharif, shining in the burning Balkh sunshine. It is the tomb of the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Ali bin Talib, a fascinating architecture of Arabian and South Asian architecture with a blue-green dome and embellishments. Golden spire. However, the history of Muslims is only one of the characteristics of Mazar-e Sharif, as the town still lives in countless Greek remains. The people who came here with the advent of Alexander the Great in the 3rd century BC! It is one of the Beautiful Places of Afghanistan.

12. Taloqan

It is situated in the shadow of the mighty Hindus Kush, just above the mountains in the Pashtun region of southern Afghanistan. It is believed that the adjacent valley has been occupied for more than a thousand years. The description of Marco Polo crossing this road in 1275 reveals a fact. However, the current Taloqan is a more advanced location and tourist attraction in Afghanistan. The market is full of energy, and customers and mus are screaming on the road. The memories of the 2001 war and the cruel reality are still fresh here, so there is no doubt that this is a topic.

13. Bagram

Although the eastern town of Bagram is just a stone’s throw from the Kabul (Ezhion) and Hindu Kush mountains, it is the country’s largest allied military in the eyes of today’s onlookers. The base is located, but the history of this town is deeper than this. For beginners, Alexander the Great occupied the city in 300 BC, and Alexander the Great finally modified its layout in the Greek style. Later, the area was ruled by the Mauryan Empire, which imposed their Indian art tradition.

14. Panjshir

The Panjshir Valley was carved from the eastern provinces of Afghanistan into the Hindu Kush Mountains and was crowned as one of the newly discovered industrial bases in the country. With the lead of US joint ventures, all discussions from emeralds to hydroelectric power are increasing for these parts. But for the time being, one of the most fascinating tourist attractions, Panjshir, is a popular snowy mountain and winding river, green fields and small villages that have always been famous mixed zones – unless the Soviets used this during the offensive. The way passed in the 1980s. It is one of the Beautiful Places of Afghanistan.

15. Khyber Pass

The Khyber Pass is certainly part of this wide range of attractions and is currently not on the list of Afghan tourists – at least since 2007, the entire area has been ruled by the Taliban guerrillas, with Western aid and military convoys clearly defined. However, once the tension rises and the combat effectiveness weakens, the high land on the high ground of Spin Ghar is definitely worth a visit. why? Ok, because there are centuries of history, there are troops and businessmen here. They appeared on the Silk Road from China and the East or as prominent military leaders such as Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan.

16. Kandahar

Kandahar is a prestigious residence of the Sacred Cloak, a historic town at the crossroads, facing the southern mountains of the country. The traditional chairman of the Pashtun authority was the epicenter of the last Afghan empire during the Ahmad Shah Durrani period. Nowadays, this place is full of mosques, shrines, and mausoleums, all of which are outstanding figures from the history of the nation, and it is in the landscape of Chilzina that people found the Mughal conqueror Babul ( The strange carvings of Babur are located on the edge of the town.

17. Minaret of Jam

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located in a remote area called Shahrak in Ghor Province. The minaret was built on the burning bricks of the twelfth century, engraved with complex calligraphy carvings in Arabic. These prints feature Qur’anic verses, Muslim confessions, and the names and titles of regional leaders. The minaret is 62 meters high and is one of the nearly 60 minarets established by the Ghurid dynasty in the Middle Ages. It is the noblest brick spire on the planet, with an octagonal base and lights on top. It is actually attached to the mosque on Friday, which was unfortunately washed away in the devastating floods of the 13th century. It is one of the Beautiful Places of Afghanistan.

18. Museum of Afghanistan

The National Museum of Afghanistan was founded in 1919 and is located in the Afghan capital of Kabul, in the Barbara Palace. It contains important documents, works of art and weapons belonging to the former rulers of Afghanistan. In 1931, it moved to the old municipal building about nine kilometers north of the city center. Thanks to the delegation’s excavation work in Afghanistan, its real collections have significantly increased the antiques of all ages in Afghan history.

19. Balkh

In the province of Balkh, 20 km from the town of Mazare Sharif, there is a town of Balkh, formerly known as Bactria or Tokharistan. As magnificent as Marco Polo said, it became the ultimate sanctuary of Zoroaster, as the Persian poet Ferdowsi said, he has died here. Balkh was the capital of the later Greek bimodal kingdom, which was established after Alexander the Great occupied the area. Balkh is also familiar with the Buddhist Center, where the famous monk’s Traps and Bahalika lived and were arrested. After the victory of Islam, the town moved from one dynasty to another and was eventually destroyed by Genghis Khan. It was rebuilt in the 14th century and eventually fell into the hands of Afghans in 1752. The historic Balkh has the remains of Buddhist shrines as well as Greek houses, mausoleums, and mosques. The most unusual is the Buddhist stupa Takhte-Rostam, built in a river 8 meters deep underground. It is one of the Beautiful Places of Afghanistan.

20. Great Mosque of Heart

The Great Mosque is a true jewel in the Afghan mosque. It is a work of art built in the 13th-century Glid dynasty and one of the best tourist attractions in Afghanistan. Even though it is not the largest mosque ever, it often acts like a mosque for Friday prayers. The mosque has a traditional rectangular base with the main square, three beautifully decorated Ivani, eight spires, and six doors. Since the original mosque suffered numerous damages in the 18th century, today’s mosque is the largest. Now, the mosque is waiting for renovation, and Afghan wealthy businessmen have guaranteed this in 2012.

21. Blue Mosque of Mazar-e Sharif

The Ali Tomb is a place often mentioned in Mazari Sharif’s Blue Mosque. It is a charming religious complex that was built in the 15th century and has been a symbol of the town for centuries. According to mythology, the body of the fourth Khalifa Ali was arrested here with a white camel. This is done to protect his body from enemy damage. In the middle of this rectangular temple is Ziaratkhana, where Ali’s body is placed, while the front hall is used for prayer and contemplation. Then, the center of the mosque is separated by small houses, which are buried with important historical figures, such as the Afghan leader and Aima. The 20th-century colorful tile mosaic covers all the exterior of the mosque. These are the most Beautiful Places of Afghanistan.

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