Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Pakistan has a wealth of landscapes and terrain, with steep mountains and rivers, curious archaeological sites, and pristine beaches that want to escape the crowd. There are many countries to choose from and here are some of the best places to visit. Pakistan is a beautiful country with the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. Thousands of people from abroad come here to visit. Kashmir and the northern part of Pakistan have always been the most visited places in Pakistan. This part of Pakistan is in the world. The world has always been famous for its awesome green valleys, mountains, beautiful lakes, beautiful rivers, healthy weather, and natural wildlife.

Planning to discover Pakistan, here are 40 the best and beautiful places to visit in Pakistan where you should go and make your visit to Pakistan unforgettable.

1. Neelum Valley

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Opposite the Kieran district of Kashmir, which is controlled by India. From the Chela Bundi Bridge north of Musafababad, the capital of Assad Kashmir, to Taut, a valley stretches for 240 kilometers. It is called the Neelum Valley (literally meaning the Sapphire Valley). Neelum is one of the most beautiful valleys of Azaad Kashmir. It has several streams, freshwater streams, forests, lush green mountains, and a river.

2. Gojal Valley

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

The Gogar Valley is bordered by China and Afghanistan, and the border is bordered by the Chinese border in Kunjer Rab (15,397 feet above sea level) with snow all year round.

In the northwest, there is Chiporsun, whose borders touch the Wakhan region of Afghanistan. Wakhan is about 6 square miles in size and has since started Tajikistan. The Karakoram Highway connecting Pakistan to China also passes through the Gogar Valley and enters China at Kunjerab.

3. Deosai Plains

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Deosai is located at the junction of the Karakoram Mountains and the western Himalayas, at an altitude of at least 4,000 meters. The snow-covered for 8 months. For the rest of the year, it has a series of beautiful flowers with different shades and colors, but no trees are found on this plateau of more than 3,000 square kilometers.

Sheosar Lake is also part of it. This lake is the highest lakes in the world. In the summer, the deep blue waters, the snow-capped mountains, and the wildflowers and green plants in the foreground provide people with such visions. He has been amused throughout his life.

4. Paye

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Shogran saw a large influx of tourists, trampling on its beauty and making it feel tired. Despite this, Siri Paye, as a green plateau on the Hindus Kush, remains a strong attraction for tourists. It is often shrouded in clouds, attracting many people and becoming a meeting point, allowing people to observe the “hide and seek” game in nature.

Here, you will see countless small ponds filled with fresh water, and the riders will wander around and smell the yellow wildflowers that bloom everywhere. With the Makra peak in the background, the beauty of the Siri Paye meadow is vivid.

5. Ayun and Bamburet Valley

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Ayun District is a village in Chitral. Located 12 km south of the city, the Banbury River confluence. There is no language to describe the beauty of the mountains around the village. Outside the Ayun Valley is the Bunde Valley, one of the three Kalash valleys.

Bamburet departs from Chitral and takes two hours. The roots of the locals can be traced back to Alexander the Great and Greece. The Bamburi Valley is a picturesque valley with lush greenery and mountains giving you a sense of serenity and loneliness.

6. Ghanche District, Gilgit–Baltistan

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Ghangit-Gilgit-Baltistan’s Ghanche is almost isolated, and its beautiful valleys and settlements live on the most hospitable locals and river-irrigated land. The central location of the area is Khaplu, a beautiful landscape with towering peaks, turquoise waters, and waterfalls. This small colony is located along the banks of the River Syok. They are passionate and caring for centuries.

Take a little forward from Khaplu, a curved road that goes straight to the River Shyok Delta, where it splits and flows through the gravel-filled river plains. The peak of the Mashabrum Mountain can also be seen in the background.

7. Ranikot Fort

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Ranikot, with a boundary of about 26 kilometers, is the largest fortress in the world. However, this is not enough to convince the authorities to develop it into a major tourist attraction.

This fortress is easily reachable from Karachi via the national highway. After departing from Karachi, follow the Indus Highway to the capital. The road is in good condition. It takes an hour to travel to San Diego, the hometown of Sindh nationalist GM Syed, a little further away from the town, where there is a shift. A rusty wooden board announces that Ranikot is about 30 kilometers from the hotel. Even if the road is in a poor state, the distance can be covered in 30 to 40 minutes.

8. Kaghan Valley

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

The Kaghan Valley is 160 km wide and is situated in an awesome green mountain range. It is a natural and beautiful place, with thousands of visitors visiting every year. It is also located in the northern part of Pakistan. The Kaghan Valley is very large, with a vast territory and a rich variety of experienced land.

The land of the Kaghan Valley is the best place to enjoy. In the winter, the snow covers the entire land, making it look more beautiful. It is located in the Himalayas and thousands of pine trees are located in Muzaffarabad.

9. Kalam

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Karam is ideal for locals and tourists alike. The weather in summer is awesome. The mountains around the Karam Valley and Karam are very beautiful and natural. Known for its waterfalls, lakes and lush green hills, Karam is 270 km from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. This is a very popular destination for tourists.

10. Khunjerab Pass

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

The Khunjerab Pass is also one of the best tourist attractions in the world, situated in the beautiful Gilgit-Baltistan Skarkan Mountains. It connects Pakistan and China by road. This is the high mountain high mouth of Pakistan and the northern border of China. The Khunjerab Pass is the highest point on the Karakoram road and one of the highest crossing points in the world. For this reason, it has gained a lot of travel in recent years, and we prefer that every visitor must visit here.

11. Tharparkar, Sindh

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

This area of Pakistan is completely different from the rest of Pakistan. More than 80% of people live in more than 210 villages, which is indeed an interesting area in Sindh. Basically, Thar is a desert area and this dessert is very extensive. The flora and fauna of the area seem to be different from the rest of the country. It is the Rajasthan state of India.

The Tar people live in small villages in the mud shed. Life is painful in Thar, but for those who do their best to discover and see new cultures, new lifestyles, and new traditions, it is the best choice, full of action and excitement.

12. Kerthar area

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

The Kirthar Mountains extend from Sindh to Baluzhi, a natural boundary between the two provinces. The mountains include the scenic Golak Mountains (5700), Kutzhka (6877) and Bandujika (7112).

This area is not only known for its breathtaking beauty, but also for its long history. It stretches for 150 miles and is ideal for tourist attractions due to its many streams, springs and historic attractions, but unfortunately, few tourists like to visit. Local residents are eager to welcome tourists and hope to make the area even better. It ranks twelfth of the beautiful places in Pakistan.

13. Rama Meadow

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Just a short walk from Rama Village, 11 km from Astore, it is a beautiful and peaceful plain called Rama Meadow. If you happen to find yourself in the plains of the stream, icy and milky water, sheep and cows grazing peacefully, pine trees, the snow-covered peaks of Chongra, the southern ridge of Nanga Parbat, you may be at Rama Meadow.

14. White Palace Swat

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

The White House Malgazal is the only breathtaking location in the Swat area, about 12 km from the city of Mingora. Visitors can not only visit the natural beauty and pleasant weather of Marghazar but also visit the historic White Palace (1941), which was built in the Swat era. It ranks fourteenth of the beautiful places in Pakistan.

After the White House was built according to instructions from modern Swat creator Miangul Abdul Wadood (also known as Badshah Sahab), Maghazzar became the capital of Swat in the summer. Even after decades, the White House still attracts tourists.

15. Lake Saiful Muluk

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Saiful Muluk is located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley, close to the town of Naran. At 3,224 m above sea level, the lake is located above the forest line and is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. The lake has clear, blue and cold water, and the lake has beautiful snow-covered peaks. This is a great website that can appeal to your desktop wallpaper.

16. Daman-e-Koh

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Daman e Koh is one of the best spots in Pakistan and is a great place to stay in Islamabad. Located on the Margalla hills in Dammam-Oh, it is a hilltop garden whose name is literally translated from Persian into “mountain hills”. For tourists, the hill above them is an observation point. Monkeys are quite common in the area, and sometimes cheetahs can be seen during snowfall.

17. Churna Island

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

It is located near Mubarak Goth and is an uninhabited island in the Arabian Sea. The island has become famous for its many recreational activities such as snorkeling, cliff diving, scuba diving, and underwater photography. Due to the presence of several different species of fish and coral, the surrounding area of the island is known for its diving.

18. Hunza Valley

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Hunza is a valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Hunza is located at the northern end of the region, bordering the Wahahan Corridor in Afghanistan and Xinjiang in China. This is the most visited place of beautiful places in Pakistan.

Pakistan has been given many places with great natural beauty, and Hunza is one of them. The valley is located in the Gilgit area. At some point during the year, snow-covered peaks, snow-covered leaves, and lush green grass make this place stand out.

19. Khaplu Fort

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Khaplu Fortress, also known as Yabgo Khar, means the fortress on the roof, an ancient fortress and palace in Khaplu. Built-in the 19th century, this fort is a tourist attraction for a long time. This fortress is a masterpiece of beautiful architecture and the residence of the princes of Kapulu.

20. Bolan Pass

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

The Bolan Pass is a mountain pass that crosses the Toba Kakar Mountains in western Pakistan. It is a quiet area, 120 kilometers from the Afghan border. This amazing place is the part of beautiful places in Pakistan.

21. Badshahi Mosque

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

The Badshahi Mosque is the Mughal Age Mosque in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The mosque is located on the outskirts of the Lahore Walled City, west of Lahore Fort.

The mosque was built in the Mughal era under the rule of the Emperor Oran Zebu. This is a huge mosque that can accommodate 1 million people at a time. From 1673 to 1986, it was the largest mosque in the world. The building, apparently the ancient Mughal era, has great power and beauty. It also attracts visitors from all over the world and across the country.

22. Makli Necropolises

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

One of the largest funeral sites in the world, located in the 10 square kilometer area near Sa’ada, Sindh Province, Pakistan. The site built about 450,000 to 900,000 graves in 400 years. This is excellent proof of Sindh’s early civilization. It is also included in the list of the beautiful places in Pakistan.

23. Pakistan Monument

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Another best place to visit in Pakistan and the best attractions in Islamabad. It is the National Monument and Heritage Museum, built to showcase the unity of the Pakistani people. It is shaped like a blooming flower and is visible in the distance due to its height. The monument covers many features that describe Pakistani thinking. For example, its four largest petals represent the four provinces of Pakistan.

24. Murree

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Murree is a small mountain station in the northern part of Pakistan. It is not only famous among international tourists but also among locals. Its climate is very cold and very beautiful. Murree’s chair lift is the most popular event for visitors there.

25. Fairy Meadows

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Fairy Meadows is known for its beautiful green highlands and the world’s ninth-largest mountain, Nanga Parbat, in the Diamer district of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Visit it to discover one of the most beautiful natural destinations in the world.

26. Kund Malir Beach

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Kund Malir is the coast of Balochistan Province, Pakistan, in the Hingol National Park, about 150 kilometers from the Makran coastal road. The drive between Kund Malir and Ormara is considered to be beautiful.

27. Ansoo Lake

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

It is located in the Kaghan Valley in the Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. Located at an altitude of 13,927 feet above sea level, it is considered one of the highest lakes in the Himalayas. It is also included in the list of beautiful places in Pakistan.

Ansoo means to tear, and the lake happens to be the shape of a drop of water or water. It is located in the Kahan Valley. It was difficult to reach the lake, which explains why the Pakistani Air Force pilots flying low-altitude in the area did not find the lake until 1993, even if they were locals.

28. Lahore Fort

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Shaho Qila is a castle in Lahore. This is a big attraction in Lahore. The construction of the Lahore Fortress dates back to the eleventh century, but since then it has undergone many reconstructions. It has a distribution area of more than 20 hectares. The Emperor Akbar emperor added architectural and artistic themes to the fort, showing the design of Muslims and Hindus. Then Emperor Shah Jahan used expensive marble in the fort, while the emperor Aurangzeb emperor built the famous Alamgiri gate.

29. Kalash Valley Chitral

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Chitral is known for its amazing background, huge Montenegro and stunning scenery. Most importantly, one of Chitral’s important attractions is the home of Kalash Valley-Kafir-Kalash. It attracts thousands of visitors with its unique culture.

30. Katas Raj Temple – Chakwal

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Also known as Qila Katas, it is a complex of several Hindu temples interconnected by footpaths. The temple is surrounded by a pond called Katas, which is considered sacred by Hindus. Visit the historic temples and admire the stunning views. It is also included in the list of beautiful places in Pakistan.

31. Margalla Hills

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

It is a mountain range in the Himalayas. Located in the northern part of Islamabad, it is a popular tourist attraction due to its beauty and bird watching activities. Many bird species can be seen here, including Himalayan lion riff, paradise flycatcher, tea est, sh bird, black part, Indian sparrow, golden pheasant and different types of pheasants.

32. Faisal Mosque

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Located on the Margalla Hills in Islamabad, this mosque is made up of eight sides and is a stylish design. The mosque is the largest mosque in Pakistan and the fourth largest mosque in the world. The design was provided by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. The mosque is named after the Saudi King Faisal King, who provided Pakistan with a $120 million grant. If you are in Islamabad, it is worth a visit as it is one of the most popular attractions in Pakistan.


33. Minar-e-Pakistan

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

It is a national memorial located in Lahore, Pakistan. It was built between 1960 and 1968, when the All India Muslim League approved the Lahore Resolution on March 23, 1940. It is also included in the list of beautiful places in Pakistan.

Close to the Badshahi Mosque is the famous minarets called Minar-e-Pakistan. If you are in Lahore, then Minar-e-Pakistan should be on your list of the best Pakistani tourist destinations. It has a very important historical background because the tower was built at the exact location first proposed by a country that separates Muslims from Hindus.

34. Gwadar

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Gwadar is a port city on the Baluchistan coast of Pakistan. It is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea opposite Oman. Gwadar was Oman’s overseas ownership from 1783 to 1958.

Since Gwadar has important trade significance to Pakistan, Gwadar has been receiving attention from Pakistani news. However, the city not only has a trading port. It has beautiful beaches and mountains. This is a very popular picnic spot.

35. Gorakh Hill station

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Among the top 40 best attractions in Pakistan, Gorak ranked 11th. Gorakh is located in Sindh Province, 95 kilometers northwest of the capital. The climate at Sangang Station is very different from the rest of Sindh. Most parts of Sindh have a warm climate, while Gorac has a cold climate and sometimes snowfall. It is one of the beautiful places in Pakistan. The site is very popular among locals and international visitors. Snowfall in Sindh – sounds more like fantasy, but no, somewhere in Sindh, it snows in winter, so in 2008 the mountains were completely covered with snow. Gorakh is a scenic plateau with an altitude of over 5,688 feet and is part of the Kirthar Mountains, which cover the entire border of Sindh and the Balbin province in the west.

36. Skardu

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Skardu has some great positions on the thighs. The shocking part of northern Pakistan includes thinking on its legs, and Skardu is one of them. This is the best place for locals and international climbers and paradise. For many years, Skardu has received increasing attention from the world. In the north of Skardu, the Karakoram Mountains are located. For locals and international climbers, this series of mountains look amazing. Skardu is one of the beautiful places in Pakistan and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Skardu has many beautiful sights that are really popular.

37. Sheesh Mahal

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Another architectural masterpiece of the Mughal era. It was built by the emperor Shah Jahan. The name sheesh mahal means “the palace of mirrors”, literally, it is made of several of the best quality mirrors and other materials, including high-quality marble. A part of the palace was reserved for the royal family. It is also included in the list of beautiful places in Pakistan.

38. Clifton Beach

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Located in Karachi, this beach is one of the most popular and popular silver beaches. Today, the beach has become a popular tourist destination and a popular picnic spot for locals. There are many restaurants and entertainment activities on and around the beach, such as camel riding, horseback riding, and off-road vehicles.

39. Nathia Gali

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

It is famous for its beautiful scenery and hiking trails. There are several other mountain stations in the area with similar attributes, most of which end in “Gali”. The area is densely forested with pine, oak and maple trees. Other than that, it is very close to Murree. It is the heart of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Abbottabad. Nathia Gali is the best tourist destination, known for its pleasant foggy weather and hiking trails. Thousands of domestic and foreign tourists come to this beautiful place every year, just a few kilometers from Murree and Abbottabad, and drive for nearly an hour.

40. Naltar Valley

Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Natal is known for its lakes with a colorful lake, 2.5 hours drive from Gilgit. The world’s most delicious potatoes are grown here. This valley is covered by pine trees and does not seem to be part of this world. If you really want to experience this paradise in the world, you should visit Natal at least once. It is the place, that will make you fall in love with it. It is one of the beautiful places in Pakistan.


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