Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Norway is the most beautiful country located in northwestern Europe. It has a population of 5.37 million people and Oslo is the capital city. From modern cities to mountains, fjords, waterfalls Norway has breathtaking views. Also, Norway came on 2nd in the list of happiest countries in the world in 2013 by the United Nations Happiest report. Its landscapes, mountains, fjords, and beaches are perfect to explore via car, bike, boat or on foot. Norway is a place to visit in any season. The following are the list of top 10 most beautiful places in Norway to visit and explore according to bloggers and travelers.

1. The Western Fjords

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

The fjord is a water canals/body in between the mountains/rocks and reaches far inland. The water is deep with narrow crossing and is often set in U-shaped in a valley. The Fjords in Norway are scattered throughout the country but beautiful, narrow and deep fjords are in the western area from Stavanger to Molde in the country. Geirangerfjord is the most beautiful and most visited fjord in the country. The fjord is one of the most Beautiful Places in Norway.

It has deep blue water and tall mountains and an astonishing beauty view can be seen via a sightseeing cruise. The Geirangerfjord also has waterfalls named seven sisters falls directly into the fjord that is worth watching. Besides scenery water skiing, fishing, hiking, and canoeing are done here.

2. Lofoten Island

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Lofoten Island is located in the Lofoten district in Nordland county in Norway. Lofoten has a high temperature to other parts of the country due to its high altitude. The island is a combination of six islands from south to north and is beautiful. The main exciting activities are fishing and hiking. Lofoten Island has some of the beautiful beaches. Due to fishing, the villages are called fishing villages and the most beautiful and famous old fishing village is Hamnoy.

In the most  beautiful Places in Norway, The Hamnoy village has yellow, red and green wooden fishing houses that are present throughout the rocky beach of an island. Kvalvika Beach is also famous in Lofoten island due to its dark granite cliffs and overlooks of the Norwegian sea. The midnight sun in summer, hiking, fjords, and beaches are famous to explore and observe their beauty in Lofoten Island.

3. Bergen

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Bergen is the second-largest city of the country with the old western port since the middle ages. The port is working and attracts visitors due to its fresh fare restaurants. Bergen has fjords around the city therefore known as the gateway to the fjords. Bergen has seven mountains surrounding the city and also increases the beauty of the city.

The Bergen city is famous for its mild winter weather due to Gulf Stream and keeps the seawater warm. The cold winds around the city are prevented also by the seven mountains. Bergen also has UNESCO site Bryggen famous for its wooden houses and crooked wharf. Not to forget to visit funicular and watch a breathtaking sunset view. Bergen is one of the Beautiful places in Norway.

4. Oslo

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

The capital city of Norway and the most populated city also has some beautiful and worth seeing sights to offer. This city home to iconic buildings, art, unique shops and places in the country. The city has Norwegian Museum of Cultural and History and a bunch of other museums like the National Gallery in which famous painting The Scream from Edvard Munch. 2/3rd of the city is filled with green parks, forests and mountains that increase further beauty of Oslo and for best coffee experience head out to Tim Wendelboe. This one is most attractive place and ranks in the list of most  beautiful Places in Norway.

5. Tromso

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Tromso is located in the center of Northern Norway and is famous for its wooden houses built in the 18th century and beautiful natural sights surrounding the city. The city is mainly built on Tromsoya Island wherein museums, history is captured and forest of birch trees is worth visiting not to forget cable car experience to see mountains and fjords Fjelheisen.

Along with sightseeing ski and hiking, options are also available in Tromso in the Lyngenfjord region. For glimpse Sami culture Alta and Karasjok are the best places to see and the North Cape northernmost point of Europe too. If you are a bird lover then the Varanger Peninsula is a paradise of birds. Tromso is also famous for Northern Lights that can be viewed there.

6. Stavanger

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Stavanger is located in the southwest region of Norway. It is home to some of the beautiful and the whitest beaches in the country. A city harbor is a busy place and beautiful places are nearby the harbor like Rogaland Kunstmuseum that shows the art and culture of Norway and its famous Medieval church Stavanger Cathedral.

Also 18th-century historical city Gamle Stavanger worth visiting. It has also the Pulpit Rock named the Lyserfjord and Preikestolen 1982 feet high in the area of Ryfylke are best to hike and sea better view from up top. The fjord created via erosion of glacial and long narrow inlet with side steep was created.

7. Alesund

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Alesund is located in More og Romsdal County in Norway and consisted of seven islands with a mountaineering chain. Alesund town was destroyed in fire 1904 and reconstructed with the famous Jugendstil architecture version of Art Nouveau at the time.

Alesund’s Rauma line was voted for one of the best world’s train journeys. Andalsnes of Alesund is famous for its beautiful mountain peak ranges and near to the world attractions The Atlantic Road and Trollstigen mountain road. The town is also famous for its fjords mainly Geiranerfjords.

8. Trondheim

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Trondheim city founded in 997 AD is located in the northern region and was the first capital of the country in the age of Vikings. It gives history a glimpse from Vikings age and was once the nation’s religious center in the middle ages. It is the face of Norway culture and foodies can enjoy the food there. From St. Olav Ways/ nine ways of pilgrim that leads to Nidaros Cathedral to 12th-century castle Sverresborg give a history of Norway.

9. Svalbard

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Svalbard is located in the middle of Arctic ocean, Greenland sea, Barents and Norwegian sea and is in Norway from 1920. The island features wild life like polar bears, caribou, polar foxes, seals, and whales. The island is home to 3000 humans due to its extreme conditions. These are settled in the cities of Longyearbyen and Barentsburg on Spitsbergen. The dog sledding, ice craving are the activities for the Svalbard island.

10. Trolltunga

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

The best picturesque place in Norway is located on the Northern side of Lake Ringedalsvatnet. It is also known as Troll’s tongue and is protruded from 2300 feet mountain in the horizontal direction. The best time to visit is between June to September.

There are a lot of more beautiful places in Norway than above ten. Some other beautiful places to visit Norway are Olden, Flam, Jotunheimen National Park the home to mountains and fjords, Geilo for ski, Sognerfjord for kayaking and Jostedalsbreen Glacier.

This is the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway, comment below which place do you like the most? 

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