Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Who is the most beautiful and attractive girl in the world today? Here, we introduce you – the best list of our most Beautiful Girls 2020. These girls are not only beautiful but also dominate their field. They are celebrities. They are the most popular and have huge fans around the world. Besides, what makes them the most beautiful is their power and success. Moreover, they are smart, attractive, fascinating, hottest and most successful girls in the world.

They came here because they worked hard to gain outstanding physique, personality and celebrity levels. Let’s have a look at the most beautiful girls in the world.

30. Alexandra Daddario

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

We can’t stop pouring into her beautiful eyes, can we? Alexandra Daddario is known for his role in the Percy Jackson film series. She has English, Italian, Irish and Czech descent. She also worked in the Television series “Philadelphia is always sunny”, “True Detective”, “American Horror Story: Hotel” and other series. She is also known for her recent role in the Baywatch movie.

29. Keira Knightley

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

She has won the Empire Hero Award, the Youth Choice Award, and various “People’s Choice Awards”. Knightley has been nominated for the Academy Awards and Golden Globe. She has been performing since she was a child and premiered in 1995. She received international recognition through the 2002 movie “Bend like Beckham”. Her most famous characters include Pirates of the Caribbean. Her other talents include ballet, painting and playing instruments such as guitar and flute.

28. Natalie Portman

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Portman was born on June 9, 1981. She is an Israeli actress who specializes in filming Hollywood movies and TV shows. The Oscar winner was starred in “Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Threat” when he was young and won the Oscar for Best Actress Award in the 1990s.

Passion for performance and styling did not prevent her from entering Harvard University to study psychology. The V-Vendetta, the black swan and other outstanding performances in the film won the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

27. Mandy Rose

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Since 2015, Amanda Rose Saccomanno has been a wrestler with a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Rose began her career in the 2013 fitness and fashion show and won the 2014 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Bikini Championship.

Amanda participated in the WWE reality show Tough Enough, which she was eliminated in this season’s finale. After the “WWE Reality” series, the officials gave her a five-year contract. Ross started working in the development zone NXT, and now she appears in the flagship show “Monday Night RAW” every week.

26. Sobhita Dhulipala

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Sobhita Dhulipala won the second place in the Miss India Women’s Competition 2013 and represented India in Miss Earth 2013. She started her career as a model and later performed. Her starring in Amazon’s TV series “Made in Heaven” has gained a lot of fame and recognition.

25. Kat Dennings

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Dennings (June 13, 1986) is known for playing a role in HBO’s Sex and the City. Her films have been successful, such as “Big Momma” House 2, Nick and Norah’s “Unlimited Playlist”, “Raytheon” and 40-year-old “virgin” . Currently, she plays the role of Max in the CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls.” She has 3.5 Million followers on Instagram.

24. Nina Dobrev

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

She worked in the most famous show “The Vampire Diaries” and she has won awards like “People’s Choice Award” and “Youth Choice Award”. The Bulgarian Canadian actress played “Elena Gilbert” in the supernatural TV series “The Vampire Diaries” and caused a sensation around the world. She has also worked in other feature films, such as “The Privilege of the Wall Flower,” “The Last Girl,” and “XXx: The Return of Xander Cage.”

23. Deepika Padukone

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Padukone is a famous Indian actress and model. Deepika’s career was in the first film of the 2006 Kannada film “Indrajit Lankesh”, but her film “Om Shanti” · Om Shanti Om 2007 Movie has received the attention of the audience. Hollywood starred in “XXx: The Return of Xander Cage” and won an international reputation. In 2018, Padmaavat star married Indian actor Ranveer Singh.

She is just one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the best actresses in the world. They are considered sexy and fashionable in their native country of India. Not only does she have a good smile, but she is also a busy companion. Many products, such as test products, fake eyeglasses, and Pepsi, can be confirmed by them. 

22. Mahira Khan

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Khan (December 21, 1984) is a popular figure in Pakistan and the highest-paid actress in the country. Khan had the opportunity to make his debut at Bol with pop singer Atif Aslam. Mahira started with a TV show, and the popular daily soap opera “Humsafar” won her fame. Mahira Khan and Shah Rukh Khan play a leading role in the Bollywood movie “Raees”.

21. Emma Watson

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

The star of the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson, grew into a talented and respected actress. She ranks among the most influential celebrities in the world. She went to Brown University. She has also appeared in “Floral Flower Allowance”, “Noah” and “Beauty and the Beast” and other films.

20. Taylor Hill

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Hill is an American model (March 5, 1996), aged 14 and started working in the modeling industry. By the age of 16, she graduated from Pomona High School in Arvada.

Taylor Hill is very popular on social media platforms, and she has signed many model contracts with major brands. Since 2015, Victoria Secret has signed her as an angel. Taylor starred in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the young Hollywood, and Fashion Foundation. The Victoria Secret model has signed two films in the past, namely Hollywood Temptations and The Neon Demon.

19. Janella Salvador

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Jenella (March 30, 1998) was born to the actor-singer-mother and singer-female father, and star starring is only a matter of time. Salvador received advice and guidance from her parents, who have been models, actors, and singers since childhood. The audience met her through the “Oh, My G” daytime TV show and the “Beware of My Heart” TV show. Salvador’s film “Haunted House” first appeared in the film industry.

18. Irina Shayk

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Shayk is a successful (January 6, 1986) Russian supermodel, which caught the attention of the world after she signed up to become Intimissimi lingerie. Irina signed up for the performances of Bottega, Marc Jacobs, Versace, and other bands.

The Loreal Paris International brand signed her to become a spokesperson. Irina and Dwayne Johnson’s “Hercules (2014 movie)” debuted in Hollywood movies.

17. Blake Lively

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Lively and most famous is her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen in the popular TV series Gossip Girl. She also worked in the film “Sisters in Travel Pants”, “Green Lantern”, “Adeline Age” and “Shoal”. She has married the actor, Ryan Reynolds.

16. Scarlett Johansson

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Scarlett is an actress, model, and singer. She has been an acting career since she was a child. The film “Lost in Translation” filmed with Bill Murray is her important role. Scarlett convincingly played the role of 25 when he was 18 years old. Her other popular movies include – Barcelona Vivi Christina, Lucy, Don Jon, etc.

15. Jennifer Schrader Lawrence

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Jennifer Schrader Lawrence is the world’s highest-paid actress in the world. She became one of the most beautiful girls in the world in 2019. Also, she is the most influential person in the world. She ranks in the list of Beautiful Girls in the World 2020.

Lawrence is the highest-ranking actress in history. She is also known for her advocacy of women’s and gender equality. Also, she is the founder of the Jennifer Foundation, through which she helps the women and also supports a variety of charitable organizations.

14. Nana

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Im is also known as Nana and is ranked 14th on our list. She is the most beautiful Korean singer and actress. She is a member of the Korean girl group After School. Nana is one of the Beautiful Girls in the World 2020.

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13. Shailene Woodley

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Shailene Woodley belongs to Simi Valley in California. She ranks the list of the most beautiful girls in the world. She is an actress and has come to the most popular TV shows and movies. In addition to acting, Woodley is an avid environmentalist. With her mother, she co-founded a non-profit organization. This is a youth leadership program designed to educate young people to practice empathy, compassion, responsibility, and goals to achieve sustainable development for themselves, others and the environment. This will to make positive changes. Definitely she is the most beautiful actresses in America.

12. Zendaya

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, professionally known as Zendaya, ranks 12th among the most beautiful girls in the world. Zendaya is a singer, actress and a dancer. The most famous is that she played the role of Rocky Blue in the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up. She is also one of the most influential teenagers in 2018 and one of the Beautiful Girls 2020.

11. Bella Thorne

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020


In October 1997, she was born in Florida. Bella is a well known American singer and actress. As one of the most gorgeous girls, Thorne is a passionate supporter of the Humanitarian Association, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Nomadic Organization, which provides education, food, and medical supplies to African children. Thorne is currently serving as the Pec in the Freeform series “The Famous Persons in Love.”

10. Bae Suzy

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Bae Suzy is the most attractive, hottest and she is one of the Korea’s most beautiful girls. Bae Suzy is ranked 10th on our list. She is an actress and singer of JYP Entertainment and a young lady of the women’s group A. Bae is one of the Beautiful Girls 2020.

9. Alia Bhatt

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Alia is a mixture of beauty and talent. Alia Bhatt ranks 9th among the most beautiful girls in the world. Now only 26 years old, she appears in more than a dozen movies. Besides, she also earned the “Best Actress Film Award”. In addition to the performance, Bhatt also sang her six movie songs. She also launched her line of women’s clothing. She is also the top female in India in 2018-19.

8. Kylie Jenner

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Kylie Jenner is a celebrity, model, and social woman in the American media. She has starred in E! Since 2007, the reality TV series has been in contact with Kardashians, the founder, and owner of the cosmetics company Kylie Cosmetics. The most famous is her performance in the reality show “Comrade Kardashian”. Models, actresses, entrepreneur, and social media personality. Kylie Jenner is now the eighth most beautiful girl.

7. Kendall Jenner

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

American fashion models and TV celebrities; Kendall Jenner ranks seventh on our list. The 23-year-old Forbes magazine’s top-income list for 2015 is estimated to have an annual income of $4 million. Jenner is one of the most-watched celebrities on Instagram.

6. Dove Cameron

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

On our list, the sixth most beautiful girl; Dove Cameron is one of the best American actress and singer. She is known for playing a dual role in the Disney Channel teen sitcoms Liv and Maddie. Also starred in the descendants of Malfi, the daughter of Maleficent. Also, she will re-play the role of Mal in the descendants 2. 

5. Selena Gomez

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

The most beautiful but talented girl, Selena Gomez, is ranked 5th. The American singer and actress ranked the highest among BEAUTIFUL and HOTTEST women. In addition to her innocent appearance, she has won numerous awards and nominations for actresses and singers. 

4. Liza Soberano

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

She is only 21 years old now. With its dazzling appearance and outstanding personality, Liza Soberano ranks fourth among the most beautiful girls in 2018. The American-born Filipino Liza was also named one of the most beautiful faces of Philippine TV. In addition to beauty, she is one of the most talented girls, known for her confidence and courage. Liza is also known for the title “the brightest and most beautiful Filipino star.”

3. Barbara Palvin

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Barbara Palvin, a 27-year-old Hungarian model, ranks third on our list of the most beautiful girls. When Victoria’s Secret announced that she was the newest member of the VS Angels collection, Palvin made an uproar in the fashion world and joined Adriana Lima and Carly. Supermodels like Karlie Kloss. She has participated in Victoria’s Secret twice, once in 2018 and once in 2012.

Born and raised in Hungary, Palvin has been a model since he was a teenager. She first went to the Prada runway in 2010. Since then, she has traveled to many fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, and Chanel. In addition to modeling, her role in the 2014 film Hercules is small. She played the Queen of Antiyache of Eurystheus.

Parvin has a relationship with American actor Dylan Sprouse. They are the two most genetically rich people in the world. Their love life is also warming the world. Here, magazine reveals the modern love story of Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin.

2. Kaia Gerber

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

The hottest daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford ranks second on our list. Kaia Gerber was born in Los Angeles on September 2001. Kaia is one of the most beautiful girls 2020. Kaia is a model and actress, and she is also known as Sister Cities (2016).

1. Thylane Blondeau

Beautiful Girls in the World 2020

Thylane Blondeau was nominated as “the most beautiful girl in the world in 2018”. She won the championship at the age of 6, and now she won the championship again at the age of 17. This beautiful teenager is a model, actress, entrepreneur and fashion designer. She is one of the most diverse beauties in the world. Her glaring blue eyes and blond hair have attracted thousands of people around the world. 

She is the daughter of French football player Patrick Blondeau and actress Veronika Loubry. Thylane Blondeau has been a model since she was 4 years old. At the age of 10, she became the youngest model ever to be Vogue Paris, although the film was controversial because of the photos that were considered risky at the time. Because she is wearing a short skirt and thick makeup.

Blondeau also signed with IMG Models when she was 15 years old. She also models Tommy Hilfiger. Currently, she is the brand ambassador of L’Oreal and most recently the spokesperson for the French brand Juicy Couture’s 2018 spring/summer advertising campaign. This year, she now has her own fashion collection “Paradise May”.

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