Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

Do you want to know which country has the most beautiful girls in the world? Their beauty features, characteristics and beauty standards are written in this article. This article is about the top 10 most beautiful girls countries in the world. As we know that beauty is in the person’s eye that sees it so there are many aspects of beauty. Some of these are generosity, wonderful heart, beautiful face, curvy body and most of all intelligence. The following are the top 10 countries that made our list.

1. Brazil

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

Brazil is the country of some of the hottest and beautiful girls/women. The girls make men made with their shear of beauty and hot looks among these qualities they are intelligent, generous and passionate. They mostly are obsessed with their bodies and to make them as beautiful and feminine as possible. Therefore Brazil comes in second place in cosmetics surgery. In Brazil girls can have plastic surgery at the age of sixteen years and before their 25th they do number surgeries to maintain their body.

Brazilian girls with their mixed skin and beautiful curves are also passionate and family-oriented and they even in this modern world put family first. Brazilian girls rely less on makeup and try to achieve a natural idle body with long hair, long tanned body, smaller breasts, and big bum and it is called guitar shape body. Emanuela de Paula a model worked with Ralph Lauren, Bill Boss, and Hush Puppies, Barbara Fialho a model and actress and worked in video song Ceelo Green are the beautiful faces of Brazilian girls that come in top ten lists of pretty girls.

2. Venezuela

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

Venezuela is home to some of the beautiful and hot girls. The country is located in South America and is famous for its oil reserves, natural landscapes, history, and beautiful women. Its girls go extra miles to shape their bodies and not afraid of showing them. Venezuelan girls are best among the Latinas. They show their affection openly time and place does not matter. These being open-minded are also possessive. Like Brazilian girls, these are also family-oriented and have good relations with their relatives and siblings.

The beauty of Venezuelan girls can be seen from the beauty pageants they have won as Miss Universe and Miss World. These are naturally charming and beautiful if not then they take the support of surgeries. Venezuelan girls are called pride and identity of the country and even they spend most of the income on beauty than their capital city. Venezuela has won seven Miss Universe, eight Miss International, two Miss Earth, and six Miss World titles it is home to beauty pageants. Big breasts, blonde hair, and tanned skin, the tall body is considered to be the idle image for girls. Irene Esser’s second runner up of Miss Universe pageant in 2012, Adriana Vasini Miss Venezuela in 2009 and Sabrina Seara an actress and a model are the famous faces of Venezuela.

3. Sweden

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

Sweden comes 3 to the list of top ten beautiful girl countries in the world. The Sweden girls are famous for their big blue eyes and platinum blonde hair. Swedish girls in addition to beauty are also extremely friendly and down to earth. These girls have perfect lips, intense blue or green eyes, tall figures, and whitish skin and most of all intelligence due to developed countries have an opportunity to get higher education. Big hips, big lips, small waist and tan color of the body is an idle picture of every Sweden girl. Elsa Hosk a model, Mini Anden an actress, model, and producer, and Ronnia Fornstedt a Miss Sweden titleholder are the beautiful faces of Sweden.

4. Ukraine

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

Ukraine along with its Orthodox church, green mountains, and Black Sea coastline is also famous for its beautiful, charming and seductive girls that hold up the reputation of Ukraine. Ukrainian girls look both cute and hot at the same time and they are also famous for their bold nature and feminine look. The girls know how to dress like a pro. Lengthy slim legs, dark eyes, long hair, and suntanned skin body is considered beautiful in Ukraine. Anna Khoshmal an actress and Anna Bessonova dancer are the faces of Ukraine.

5. South Korea

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

South Korean girls are amazingly cute and funny. Their faces look the same as porcelain dolls funny, cute and very hot. Korean girl idle body is porcelain skin and most of them apply skincare cosmetics to gain porcelain skin. Narrow chin, Oval face, and big round eyes are the idle face of the Korean girl image and they go under several surgeries to obtain that idle body. They also have art for posing for pictures i.e. they are very photogenic. Nana, she was ranked 2 for beautiful face in 2013 by Critics and Tzuyu singer she holds the second position among beautiful faces in the world.

6. Colombia

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

Colombian girls are irresistibly beautiful and highly seductive and often called the Hotness Capital of the World. Colombia has a variety of different skin and tone girls as it has mix bloodline from different origins. Colombian girls usually white skin with blue eyes or bronze skin with coffee shade eyes. Also, Colombian girls are among those top countries where they do surgical corrections to improve the body. Shakira and Sofia Vergara are idle of girls. Light eyes, big breasts, small abdomen, and big hips, tall legs, and blonde hair are the idle beauty standards in Colombia for girls. Catalina Otalvaro a model and Sandra Lorena Valencia are some of the hot faces from Colombia.

7. Russia

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

Russian girls are famous for their charming blue eyes and loving features. Russia has beautiful women per square km after Brazil. Moscow is fully hot and eye candy girls. Russian girls not actresses or models but gymnasts and sports players are also gorgeous and know how to look stunning and beautiful. Slavic girls’ idle body image features are light skin, sporty, full lips, 170 cm height, 50 to 60 kg weight, and toned body. Sofia Rudieva Miss Russia and Yana Yatskovskaya are two beautiful faces of Russia.

8. Italy

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

Italy is not just famous for its food and artwork but also for beautiful girls or women. With classic European smile can fetch any one’s heart just at first sight. Italian girls are called the queen of fashion and Italy is the hub of fashion. Blonde or brunette body with long hair, normal breasts, and big hips are beauty standards of Italy. Melissa Satta an actress and model and Cristina Buccino a model, actress, and TV host are famous faces of Italy.

9. Lebanon

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

Lebanon is home to beautiful girls among the Arab countries. Lebanese girls are strong, beautiful and charming. They have tanned skin and blue or dark brown eyes with different shades of hair. Big breasts, small waist, light skin, the dark sensual look is the idle image for Lebanese girls. Rosarita Tawil winner of Miss Lebanon in 2008 and Jessica Kahawaty runner up Miss World 2012.

10. USA

Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls Country in the World

The USA is the country of a vast number of varieties and is called an obese nation in the world. The girls in the USA are obsessed with beauty and try different ways to remain on top of the list even cosmetics and surgeries. Cities like Los Angeles and Miami are full of beautiful and hot looking girls and stand out in beauty contests. 5’10’’ height, 100 to 120 pounds weight, big hips, large breasts, thigh gaps and also collar bones are the features of idle girls figure. Mandy Moore and Hillary Duff are the beautiful faces of girls from the USA.

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