Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in the World

The flag does just not identify the country but also represents its history, progress, future, ambitions and the people living it. A country’s flag is a pride for its people. The color and different signs in the flag represent the history of the country how it was achieved or people living in it are which religion or ethnicities, and the future goals of a nation as whole o uplift the country.

Flags are used at international sports events, global political gatherings, or other events to signify the country or nation. Every country’s flag for its nation is beautiful and places first place in their heart but the following are the top 10 most beautiful flags in the world based on its delegacy, design, vision, and history it represents.

1. United Kingdom

Top 10 Most Beautiful Country Flags in the World

United Kingdom’s flag is the combination of the three flags Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The wells have no representation in the flag because it was with England at the time. St. George cross or Red cross represents England whereas St. Andrew’s cross or White patron represents Scotland’s nation. The combination of Scottish and England’s jack was created in 1606 when James VI became king of England and the last cross St. Patrick was added in the flag in 1801 for the representation of Ireland. The British flag is first in the list of top 10 most beautiful country flags due to its history and progress representation of the great nation.

2. Canada

Canada is the country of about 38 million people and has a flag that comes in second place on our list. The Canadian flag has a leaf and its history dates back to the period even before the confederation of 1867. The red and white color was officially recognized by King George V in 1921. Different flags were used by the military until Canadians had a flag of its own in 1965. The flag has maple leaf with eleven edges with red color and white background, two stripes at the edges of the flag with red color. The red stripes represent the sea either side of the Canada and maple leaf with eleven edges represent 11 colonies and white color for peace.

3. Greece

Greece is officially known as the Hellenic Republic with a population of 11 million people also has an amazingly beautiful flag. It is consists of thousand islands through the Aegean and Ionian sea in Southern Europe. Greece flag has nine equal horizontal stripes sky-blue alternative with white. These stripes are known for different interpretations the most known interpretation is that it represents syllables of the phrase ‘’ελευθερία ή θάνατος’’ which means ‘’Freedom or Death’’ and other interpretation is that it is several letters in Esta Dia which means freedom and last but not least 9 Muses the goddesses of art and civilization. Many interpret as sky and sea or clouds and waves because of the landscapes of Greece. The blue box in the right corner of the flag shows the official religious symbol of Greece the Eastern Orthodox church. The flag was made in 1820 but officially it was recognized in 1969.

4. Australia

Australia is the country with a population of 25 million people. The Australian flag has much history and representation in it and went much through changes and at last accepted as a national flag. Union flag was recognized official in 1778 by Governor Arthur Phillip and in 1801 the flag changed due to Ireland’s inclusion in the union. 1901 after the independence of Australia competition held for the design of flag 4 contestants won whose designs were identical as union jack at top left corner and six edge star for common health and it changed to seven edges 1903 and 5 stars to the right show the southern hemisphere. The background color of the Australian flag was red from 1901 to 1953 and then by Sir Robert Menzies prime minister at that time changed the color from red to blue.

5. Pakistan

Pakistan with a population of 212.2 million people also has one of the most beautiful flags in the world and it is simple, elegant, and shows the vision of the nation. Pakistan is an Islamic country so does the flag represents. Pakistani flag has two colors green and white and crescent and star in the green portion. Green color represents the population of Muslims and white other minorities or minority religions, and also peace and crescent and star in green portion show the light, progress, and knowledge. The flag is originated from the Muslim league the Muslim political party in the subcontinent.

6. USA

The United States of America is number on the list of beautiful flags. It has a population of 328 million people and Washington DC is its capital. At the start, the flag consisted of 13 stripes of red and white color and a British flag on the upper left corner. The 13 stripes represented 13 colonies that were fighting for their independence. The British flag at the corner was replaced by stars that represented the states. The number of stars changed over time but the red and white stripes remained constant. Now the American flag has 50 stars on the left corner that represents the 50 states of the USA. The red and white color shows courage and purity in the flag.

7. Brazil

Brazil’s flag was approved after the four days of its independence. Brazilian flag if a combination of green, yellow and blue and has written in white letters in the middle. The writing says Order of Progress which was inspired by the French philosopher Auguste Comte. The green color shows the green fields of Brazil and yellow color shows the wealth of the nation. The blue color shows the sky with 27 pointed stars that show the states of Brazil.

8. Spain

Spain with a population of 47 million people has a beautiful flag. The Spanish flag is multicolored. It has a combination of red and yellow and the coat of arm with two pillars and crown. The red and yellow color has opted since Charles III a Spanish Navy in charge. It was due to the same white color flags used by everyone and to avoid unfortunate incidents when meeting foreign enemies hence the different colors. The Spanish flag was finalized in 1981. The crown in the middle represents the kingdom and two pillars resemble the pillars of Hercules.

9. Mexico

Mexico has the flag is a combination of the green white and red. The eagle in the middle holding a snake in its talon and beak that shows the national court of law. The flag has a ratio of 4:7 in its length and width.

10. Portugal

Portugal’s flag has a rich history and shows the bloodshed by its nation. The flag is a combination of red and green color with yellow circular stripes and castles and shields are in it. The shields are five and show the victory against Morisco Kings in Ourique war. The white color shield holding 5 blue shields is the shield of Don Afonso. The circular yellow stripe shows the world exposed by Portuguese in the 16th and 17th centuries. The green color shows hope and red color bravery and the bloodshed by Portuguese during the war.

Every country has a beautiful flag but the above list of top 10 beautiful country flags in the world is based on the design of the flag, history related to that flag and its vision. Your opinion might be different from us so let us know what do you think which flag must be in the top 10 list.

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