Beautiful Airhostess of the Best Airlines

The flight attendants have high professional requirements, sometimes high pressure and danger, but they are also the most coveted, most fascinating and highest-paid profession. These girls are usually beautiful, tall, and elected as flight attendants, and then must undergo rigorous training to help passengers fly easily. They can also meet new people and travel to exotic places for free. Here are the top twenty airlines with the most beautiful air hostess.

1. Emirates

Emirates Hot Stewardess

Since Emirates is one of the most expensive and luxurious airlines in the world, its flight attendant fleet must also be the epitome of beauty and elegance. Etiquette personnel usually come from different nationalities of different skin colors and speak multiple languages, but they are all common with mature and elegant attitudes. Their unique uniforms look very attractive and are known for their onboard service and care.

2. Thai Airways

Thai Airways Hot Stewardess

Thai National Airlines has a beautiful stewardess fleet and is one of the top ten most attractive female flight attendants in the world. Their world-class air care systems and attention to detail are exemplary. No wonder the airline has won numerous awards for its excellent service to its passengers. Their unique purple uniforms themselves were selected as the best flight attendant uniforms.

3. VietJet Air

VietJet Air Hot Stewardess

The ingenious bikini uniforms that VietJet Airlines launched for the first time last year made their CEO the first female billionaire in Vietnam, but that was not the only reason for their success. Employees can choose to wear newer uniform styles or retain more traditional styles; but considering that many of their flight attendants are likely to be models, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. This reminds us of the secret of male rewards: if you can’t take a VietJet flight at any time, you can do one of the best things and buy one of their annual calendars.

4. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic hot air hostess


Many people say that Virgin Atlantic’s pretty ladies in red skirts reminded them of actresses in Hollywood studios. In 2017, they were voted the most attractive airline flight attendants, and they looked tempting in fashionable uniforms and silk ties. Here, elegant, relaxed charm, charm describes the “red beauty”, nothing else. Virgin Atlantic is one of the best Airlines with Most Beautiful Airhostess.

5. Lufthansa

Lufthansa Hot Stewardess

The most popular European airlines are known for their high efficiency and in-flight services. This German airline can boast a multi-racial crew and a few of the most beautiful flight attendants in the air. They are known for their friendly manners and quality service. It is one of the best Airlines with Most Beautiful Airhostess.

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6. AirAsia

AirAsia Hot Stewardess

Among the world’s low-cost carriers, AirAsia is known for its services and, of course, its steaming flight attendant fleet in just a few years. Their signature bright red uniforms make them stand out from the crowd and are considered hot by the entire traveler.

7. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Hot Stewardess

The Hong Kong-based airline is considered to be the best airline in Asia and has received numerous awards and accolades. Excellent wear and exquisite stewardess also improved their quality service, so that the airline actually organized a fashion show for their Cathay Pacific beauty, rather than directly hiring models. Cathay is also one of the best Airlines with Most Beautiful Airhostess. Their attention to detail and passenger demand is a top priority for all red ladies working at Cathay Pacific.

8. Kingfisher Airlines

Kingfisher Airlines Hot Stewardess

It is considered to be the most popular airline in India and one of the most popular airlines because of its economic but world-class service and beautiful Indian flight attendants. Although their clothing looks similar to AirAsia’s crew, they are unique in their sense.

9. Aeroflot

Aeroflot Stewardess

This Russian airline has the most unique and beautiful stewardess in the world. Crisp hats and trendy ties make them hot and tempting. According to the data of the flight booking website Sky Scanner, passengers have selected Aeroflot’s etiquette staff as the most beautiful and efficient aircrew in the world. It ranks in the list of the best Airlines with Most Beautiful Airhostess.

10. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Hot Stewardess

Dressed in traditional Sharon kebaya clothing, Singapore Airlines staff is both cute and unique in the world. These girls are also known for their best cabin services and care, which has been recognized by several travel magazines and has been awarded by various tourism giants. We have been astounded by the “World’s Best Flight Attendant Award” for business travelers in the Asia Pacific region for the past 17 years.

11. Air France

Air France Hot Stewardess

In the beautiful flight attendant, once you see the beautiful French flight attendant and are fully cared for, your long time in the comfortable economy class seat will be forgotten. Their uniforms were actually designed by the famous designer Christian Lacroix. Obviously, each of them looks like a supermodel, suitable for walking on a ramp rather than on a flight path. But who do we complain to?

12. Air Serbia

Air Serbia Hot Stewardess

Since the departure of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Serbian Airlines has been a name change and a national change for Jat Airways – but the glamour of its crew has remained the same. As Eastern Europe becomes an increasingly popular travel destination, more and more travelers are discovering the charm of the airline. A glance at their Instagram account may be enough to convince you to book a flight to Belgrade pronto. Expert Tip: Ask for a bottle of Laquea, a Serbian specialty fruit brandy that can be tasted on the go. It ranks in the list of the best Airlines with Most Beautiful Airhostess.

13. EVA Air

EVA Air Hot Stewardess

EVA Air is the leading independent airline in Taiwan. In the 2016 World Airline Awards, it was named “the eighth best airline in the world”. EVA Air is not only known for its quality service but also has a beautiful flight attendant. In the fierce competition, Evergreen Airlines hired the youngest and attractive flight attendants. It ranks in the list of the best Airlines with Most Beautiful Airhostess. People often like to praise the company on the company’s on-board beauty. Not only do they have fascinating beauty, but they also have interesting personalities. Regardless of their uniforms, friendly faces resonate with passengers not only in the air but also on the ground.

14. Shenzhen Airlines

Shenzhen Airlines Hot Stewardess

Shenzhen Airlines is a Chinese airline. Liu Miaomiao, one of the airline’s flight attendants, was named the most beautiful in the list released by the 2015 World Air Hostess Association. The attractive red and white uniform of the flight attendant is also one of the main features of the airline. These lovely ladies are not only known for their beauty, but also their pleasant smiles and their thoughtfulness and kindness. They rank among the top ten airlines in Smile Service.

15. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Stewardess

Air New Zealand’s latest flight attendant uniform was revealed in 2010 and caused many different comments. Some people think that clothing is OK. Most people think they are cheesy, and the reporter compared these patterns with “Barbie’s Wallpaper.” Worst of all, many New Zealanders think the uniforms are so ugly that they don’t respect New Zealand’s Maori culture. According to reports, even the flight attendants themselves were not impressed. The designer, New Zealand’s Trelise Cooper, creates a modern and comfortable look. She explained: “I will fly regularly and understand that the wearer’s function is just as important as your appearance.” We hope she will consider it this time.


SKYLARK Stewardess

We suspect that this Japanese airline must save some money when it comes to producing flight attendants. These uniforms are so thin and brisk that the fabric used in each garment is about half that of Hainan Airlines’ high-quality blazer. We know that the airline wants to show how cute the flight attendants’ legs are, but is it true? These professionals spend a lot of work time reaching the elevated cubicle, bending down to retrieve the trolley snacks, and performing a bunch of challenging tasks on the body that would never be done in a miniskirt.

17. Korean Air

Korean Air Stewardess

There are some violations of the specification when designing uniforms. Most other leading airlines wear their dark and solid colors for their flight attendants and maintain their overall appearance standards, while Korean Air performs well. It is equipped with soft and bright pastel for the flight attendants and a distinctive headgear for the passengers to ensure that the passengers remember. These unique looks were designed by another Italian haute couture designer, Gianfranco Ferre. It gives flight attendants the option of choosing to wear skirts or trousers, and we think every airline should do this! Korean Air flight attendants can easily choose between these two options. If you have been to Korea, please pay attention to them.

18. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Stewardess

Etihad Airways uniforms are a perfect example of traditional/modern fusion style. They combine the nostalgic style of the 1960s with the millennium but use retro details in a completely modern cut. We are not talking about the shoulder pad, it is a high-waist pencil skirt, not a picky button, it is about the details of the color block. It ranks in the list of the best Airlines with Most Beautiful Airhostess.
Chocolate and jewel-colored purple are not always the most suitable pair, but we think Etihad designers are completely correct. These designs were conceived by the Italian designer Ettore Bilotta, who focused on luxury fabrics. Next time you take the Etihad Airways, please pay attention to the polka dots on the flight attendant’s silk shirt.

19. Virgin America

Virgin America Stewardess

When you hire one of the world’s leading fashion designers, the style in the aisle is much easier. Virgin America hired Vivienne Westwood, which has been shaking the high-end fashion world for decades. Who can better design a perforated uniform? At any airport, Virgin America’s flight attendants can be immediately identified. Just look for red to red layers and striped neck scarves. When most flight attendant uniforms require red lipstick, the head-to-foot cherry looks smart. They are in line with the happy attitude of the flight attendants! It ranks in the list of the best Airlines with Most Beautiful Airhostess.

20. Qantas

Qantas Stewardess

You know that when Miranda Kerr agrees to model it, you look good. With the help of Kerr, Qantas launched a new flight attendant uniform design in April 2013. They feature clever black mini dresses with orange and pink stripes on one shoulder to match Qantas’ stylish and sunny brand. Retained in the family, the Australian airline chose to hire Australian designer Martin Grant to take the job. Qantas uniforms Qantas, the sixth different version of flight attendant clothing since the airline’s inception in the 1930s. We think they are doing a good job of keeping up with the times.


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