Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town – Personal Life, Wiki, Biography, Career and Recent Projects

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has been the leading name among most respected entrepreneurs and businessmen in Pakistan. He has taken his father’s company Bahria Town to great heights over the past years. He has been inherited with great business acumen and values given by his father Malik Riaz Hussain, who is the leading real estate tycoon. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has made a unique position as one of the dynamic personalities in the nation.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Wiki

  • Full Name – Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik
  • Birth Year – 1978
  • Age – Around 42 Years
  • Birth Place – Rawalpindi
  • Nationality – Pakistani
  • Marital Status – Married
  • Wife – Mubashra Ali Malik
  • Company – Bahria Town
  • Turnover – US$1 billion

Ali Riaz Malik Early Life

Born in 1978 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik also completed his studies where he was born. He was born to a very rich family and his father is none other than a real estate leader Malik Riaz Hussain. He is the only son of Malik Riaz Hussain and Bina Riaz. After his education, he joined the family business and started working in Bahria Town Pvt Ltd. He started his work from a very entry level position. Later on, he worked his way up and played a lot of roles in his company as a sales and marketing manager and procurement manager.

He was promoted in 2005 as a project manager to handle several projects in Pakistan by Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. Ali Riaz Malik became the CEO of Bahria Town in 2007. Bahria Town has achieved the position of being the largest real estate developer in Asia with turnover of whopping USD$1 billion.

Ali Riaz Malik Education

Since his early age, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has been passionate in the construction industry. This is why he joined his father’s company and helped him in several projects along the process. He decided to develop a lot of skyscrapers in his country when he was inspired by the great architecture of Dubai. Ahmed Ali Riaz finished his schooling in 1999 from Beacon House School. He joined his father’s business after his education. It goes without saying that his father himself reached the position of being seventh among the richest personalities in Pakistan, as the founder and chairman of Bahria Town.

He started his journey from the very beginning despite belonging to a rich and famous family and being the son of a wealthy businessman in Pakistan. He joined the sales and marketing department as a procurement manager in Bahria Town and got promoted in 2005 as project manager with his efforts and hard work. It was a great beginning of his career in the coming years. Ahmed Ali Riaz became the CEO of Bahria Town with his dedication and hard work in 2007. His deep knowledge and understanding of construction business took his company to great heights.

Ali Riaz Malik Personal Life

Born to Malik Riaz Hussain, Ali Riaz Malik also has a sister in his family. He got married to Mubashra Ali Malik after achieving big in his business in 2003. After marriage, his wife has handled all the CSR activities of the company. The organization introduced the famous Dastarkhwans which serves meals to more than 150,000 poor people twice a day in the nation.

Ali Riaz Malik Projects

Ali Riaz Malik has been the leading name in launching a lot of real estate projects under the name of Bahria Town over the years. By implementing business knowledge and industry insights to every project, he has achieved more by launching the first ever Island city in Pakistan. He signed an agreement with Thomas Kramer, the well-known real estate business tycoon based in the US, in 2013 to allot the blueprint. This agreement was a milestone for the overall construction and development in Bundle and Bodha islands in the city of Karachi.

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Under his vision, Bahria Town has been making big by launching a lot of groundbreaking projects like Bin Alam City Islamabad, DHA Smart City Islamabad, Bahria Town Karachi, Blue World City Islamabad, Bahria Town Lahore and Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Along with all such projects, his tremendous efforts are here to come up with the third biggest mosque in the country. The Bahria Town Karachi will have Golf City, sports city, and Paradise precincts along with the masjid. It is going to be the landmark project in Pakistan and Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has been giving the same along the process.

Recent Projects 

  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi – Rawalpindi is well regarded for its old bazaars. It is also a major trade route from the upper north Asian continent which goes through the city.
  • Bahria Town Karachi – The capital of Sindh, Karachi was the first capital until 1959. It was also the birthplace of Pakistan’s founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Quaid-I-Azam.
  • Bahria Town Lahore – The development of Bahria Town brought back the soul of land with elegant appeal.

Ali Riaz Malik Facts

  • Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town was born on 1978.
  • His father is Malik Riaz Hussain, the founder of Bahria Town.
  • He joined his father’s company as a sales and marketing manager.
  • He became CEO of Bahria Town out of his hard work and dedication.
  • He led a lot of projects with his father.
  • His father is seventh richest businessman in Pakistan.

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